Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HR700 N°3

Le HR700 N°3 est sur le point d'être livré. La décoration n'est pas finale mais devrait s'en inspirer. La masse du kit cadre (cadre + bome + JDD+ fourche + guidon + idler+ siège + appuie tête + support de siège)est de 2940g.
The HR700 No. 3 is about to be delivered. The styling is not final but should be similar. The mass of the frameset (frame + fork + boom + idler + seat + bearing+ handlebar+ headrest + seat support) is 2940g


Blogger cycleguy said...

Hi Malric,

Are those Rivnuts in the adjustable boom? I am using them in the carbon frame I am building and they seem to work well. Did you do anything special when using them? Epoxied in too?


2:30 AM  

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