Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nacira 650 XANLITE

I engineered the hull shell and framing of the latest NACIRA 650 minitransat designed by Alexis Muratet and Corentin Douguet. The hull is made of multiaxial fabrics with a soric core. Evry bulkheads and shelves are made of double bias fabrics and PVC core. The hull is frame with three longitudinal girders to ensure a good panel stiffness as well as a good global bending stiffness.
This type of construction gives a good stiffness/cost ratio and the structure should age well. The fixed keel is locked in a wedges box.
A new yard called 'PIXIES' (Thomas Madrange) near La Rochelle built the boat and they have good a tremendous job for the first boat. They already received 5 orders and I bet they will get a lot more very soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonjour/Hi Malric,
Thanks kindly for sharing your work through your blog.. amazing stuff.. I have recently sold my minitransat and am looking at purchasing a Nacira.. Was wondering if you could share your thoughts/insight on the 650 ??

Any help greatly appreciated..


andydools @ hotmail dot com

8:10 AM  

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