Monday, June 23, 2008

Bordeaux-Paris Race

Barbara Buatois has completed the Bordeaux to Paris Race (623Km- 4520m alt) in 21H51minutes on her Zockra mid racer. She improved her last performance done 2 years ago in a Velomobil Mango by 5H on a shorter and easier road.
Julius (Barbara's boyfriend) optimised the stops and that was a great help to save time. The lighter Zockra bike also allowed Barbara to follow the up-right in the hills.
She cycled in a group of up-right over the first 140Km (40Km/h most of the time) then she was solo almost all the way to the finish.
The weather was very hot and it rained only 3H.
Next adventure: RAAM?
She is seeking for a sponsorship to be the first female rider on a recumbent to complete the RAAM.


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