Sunday, November 09, 2008

New carbon low racer

I completed my first Gentleman race yesterday and I finished 9th over 140 teams (of 2 riders) thanks to my powerfull mate Hervé Le Du. We complete the 27Km in 40min 07s and the road was not good for a recumbent.
Hervé was riding the white and red lowracer and I was riding the green bike. They are the same shape but different stiffness. We had no problem riding at 62 km/h on a slightly down hill part of the race and the bumps were not a problem. Hervé's slightly 'softer' frame was clearly dampering better the bad road.
The rear BORA wheel is stiff when inflated to 9 bars but it clearly does not like side wind.
The steering rake angle is now nearly good.
I plan to do a good testing session next week so I should publish more picture next week.
Very strange, after Red, then orange... we now have a green color... does that mean a Ok for production?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

très britich ,magnifique , il y aura donc un choix de couleur ?
Je suis toujours sur les rangs pour les premières livraison.
Je vais de temps en temps sur Sarzeau,
je passerais faire une visite ,si c'est bien sur possible.
Le proto en transmission direct est tos simplement bluffant; je comprend maintenant le discours passionné de Geoffroy.......

lucas patrick
Allez au boulot y'a des clients qui s'impatientent


9:33 PM  
Blogger Speedy said...

Oui, il est possible depasser et même d'essayer le lowracer vert si vous voulez. Le prochain lowracer devrait rouler vers la mi-Mars et sera beaucoup plus High Tech que les protos.

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Jeen said...

Hi Malric,
I just checked your latest 16 Jan 2009 post...very nice! Please keep up the great work! Can't wait to see you completing the whole bike setup!

Did you receive my last email reply?


10:11 PM  

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