Friday, April 02, 2010

Modification Proto N°3

Le proto N°3 est dans mon garage depuis des mois et il était temps de faire un peu de chirurgie. Le dédalier était trop bas et l'angle de la fourche n'était pas bon donc j'ai tout coupé pour modifier l'avant du vélo.
J'en ai profité pour lui faire une couleur et mettre un siège plus adapté. Le siège comporte maintenant des inserts latéraux pour mettre des portes bidons. Il est également possible de fixer une lampe sur la foruche arrière gauche.

The 3rd prototype has been in my garage for months and it was time to do some surgery. The crank was too low and the fork angle was wrong so I decided to cut everything to modify the front end of the bike.
I took the opportunity to make a new color and fit a more suitable seat. The seat has new side inserts to fit a bottle. It is also possible to fit a light on the rear left swing arm.


Anonymous Enrico said...

Very interesting bent!

Where did you find the carbon front fork? I did a similar bent (aluminium frame), but I was unable to find a carbon fork for the 451 front fork ...

my web pages:

the italian recumbent forum:

ciao! Enrico

6:50 PM  
Blogger Speedy said...

The carbon fork is made by Trigon and you can buy it from me.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Enrico said...

Can you give me more infos:
- price
- is it OK for a 451 wheel or it works only for a 406 wheel?
- rake
- tube diameter (1" or 1"1/8)
- weight

thank you in advance for all these infos; if you prefer you can answer to my private address

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Mikko said...

I would also be interested on info about the Trigon fork. Especially on the rake. A cad drawing of it would be great but I understand if that's too much to ask.

Great blog by the way. It was a great source of info and inspiration when I build my carbon lowracer, there's a pic of it in my link.

Mikko, Finland

3:14 PM  
Blogger Speedy said...

The offset is 33mm. Weight is 395g with a 420mm head tube.

3:10 PM  

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