Thursday, November 22, 2007

BB Lowracer

The frame is finally finished.
The varnish messed up the white paint a little bit but it is now too late to do anything. The derailleur lug has been added and I am now preparing the chain stoppers.
Final weight is 1650g as you see it.

The paint job is underway.

I have started the paint job. I used a polyester clear coat to get a nice finish then I used plastic electric tape as a masking tape for the spray can.
A friend will spray a gloss varnish soon.
The next stage will be bond the idler thread insert.
Stay tuned!

This is the new lowracer frame for Barbara Buatois, the current double world champion. This frame will be dedicated to road racing while her Cobra 'ultra'lowracer will only be used on tracks because it can't be used on bumpy roads.
The frame is build over a polystyrene foam core and covered with a couple of carbon socks (+/-45deg and 0deg). The bottom braket is coming from an old aluminium Mountain bike frame. The front derailleur post is kept for ease of construction and because there is less risk of being damaged by the clamp.
The current weight before painting is 1402g.
The final weight should be about 1500g.

More pictures soon.


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