Sunday, March 09, 2008

Carbon low racer

The bike still needs a bit of work and cleaning.
The double idler works well.

The aluminium handle bar will need changing soon.

I am back from the French FFC championship held in Chatellerault and I got my worse result ever. (15th over 18 starters) My little training proved that a good and light bike is clearly not enough to follow the pack. I completed the 79Km (600m alt) in 2H29min and I felt naked.
I am now sure that the bottom bracket is too far down and the riding position is not good for racing. (Seat is to high by about 80mm and the angle between the leg and the chest must be smaller to produce more power)
I will need to build a new carbon frame soon and sell this one.

I changed the top bearing angle and there is less movement in the steering.
The frame had be trimmed localy to fit the front brake.
The front fork is now complete and it took me some time to figure out how to fit the wireless speedo.

The fork has been faired with an Epoxy filler (Resin + microsphere) and covered with a final layer of carbon to look nice. This is a 12K 'flat' woven fabric and it is very nice to use on simple and flat shapes. I will probably try it on my next frame.
As you can see, the final layer is the peel ply. It is used to remove the excess of resin and create a uniform surface.

The first track session is now finished and I have some mixed feelings about my bike.
The frame is stiff enough, the steering angle is wrong but it does not matter too much on the track, the tektro 725 capiler is a piece of Sh.t, my seat angle is too up-right and my leg/body angle is too open resulting in a loss of maximum power. My iddler needs adjusting but most of all: I need to train properly if I want to stay in the first group.


At last! My carbon low racer is near completion (see Carbon low racer construction page). I need to stiffen the forward part of the frame and hammer it down to see it is good for the 2008 championship.
The complete bike weighs 7.8Kg and need a few up-grades to be under 7Kg.


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