Friday, February 09, 2007

Car parts

I finaly found what I need to start my car: 18' Alloy lightweight wheels, 320 Brembo brake disc and calliper, complete front suspension, anti roll bars etc... and it is all coming from a Renault M├ęgane RS.
This is the donnor car, a 2006 car.
After removing the rear wheels, we found that the rear hubs could not be adapted to anything else so the original R25 hub will be kept for the time being.
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Right hand front suspension, took about 1h to remove per side.
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All the parts:
18' x 8'' Alloy wheel (complete): 22Kg (light weight they said in the advertising!) ask your wife to change it!
Ventilated disc: 7.8Kg
Complete suspension + hub + Brembo/renault calliper : 26Kg

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