Friday, August 22, 2008

New stem and Handle bar

Here is a picture of my new stem (312g)-350mm long based on an adjustable Ritchey stem. The handle bar (38g) is 300mm wide.
I built a female mould so I can build almost any length.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Zockra Lowracer ' Swan'

The paint is now finished and I need to dril the local inserts for the idler and for the seat. As the masking tape could not follow the curves I wanted then I changed the colors stripes to look like Barbara's bike.

The painjob should look like that: (if I don't mess it again!

The new Zockra lowracer is nearly finished and the final paint job will be completed tomorrow. The frame weighs 1580g with the paint.
Second paint was worse... so I had to do it again. This time it is acceptable.

Well painting in the dark during a storm is a bad idea. Paint will need redoing. (Stupid, stupid, stupid!)

This is the frame directly after removing the vacuum bag and the peel ply. At this stage the frame weighs 1442g. It will now be faired and painted.

The frame is built under vacuum bag. (I built the first side with no vacuum but it adds 70g and the quality is lower.)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Zockra Kouign Amann 007

Laurent Dechenne came last week to finalise the next bike for Marc Lesourd (Vipère). Marc is currently riding a 'speculos' made of steel by Laurent and this type of bike proved to be very very fast up-hill compared to a Baron so we decided to make a carbon version to give Marc an Edge for next year.
The bike currently weighs about 12-13Kg and we should be able to make a much lighter bike at around 7.5Kg to 8Kg.
Here is the result: Light weight carbon frame, semi faired front wheel, airfoild U handbar. The chainset will be enclosed in a box if we can.

NoCom Tailbox

During the last Official FFC track championship, Philippe Dussard came with the new VK tailfairing and it gave wings to Philippe who won the championship. A few improvement are still required behing the neck but it fits very well on the VK NoCom.