Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trifoiler Moulds for sale

I have a complete set of female moulds for a Trifoiler for sale: main hull, floats (ama), L foils, T foil, sensors arm (not the small sensor float), main composite beam
+ every drilling templates (blue parts on the pictures)
These moulds have been built by KL Nautic when they tried to market the Trifoiler in France. The moulds are made of polyester with a couple of plywood frames, they are very heavy (guess 400Kg.)
The moulds have been stored in my garage so they are dry and they are in great condition.
If you are interrested, please make an offer on:
I already have 2 personns interrested but the moulds are not sold yet.

Nacira 650 XANLITE

I engineered the hull shell and framing of the latest NACIRA 650 minitransat designed by Alexis Muratet and Corentin Douguet. The hull is made of multiaxial fabrics with a soric core. Evry bulkheads and shelves are made of double bias fabrics and PVC core. The hull is frame with three longitudinal girders to ensure a good panel stiffness as well as a good global bending stiffness.
This type of construction gives a good stiffness/cost ratio and the structure should age well. The fixed keel is locked in a wedges box.
A new yard called 'PIXIES' (Thomas Madrange) near La Rochelle built the boat and they have good a tremendous job for the first boat. They already received 5 orders and I bet they will get a lot more very soon.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

First road test

My latest lowracer has been tested with success today. It weighs 8.4Kg complete (pedal included but no seat pad) and it dampers very well the bumps, much better than my previous lowracer.
The steering column is not 100% perfect but I can ride with NO hands but I can't pedal just yet. I will change that on the next bike.
I found a damaged Compagnon wheel for 150euros and after repair, it looks Ok and fast. I will soon compare it with a MAVIC CCU because it is much lighter.
Talking about light wheels, in a shop in Provence, I saw the LEW carbon wheels that have been crash tested by the UCI and I was suprised to see a layer of Kevlar in the rim, a stainless steel spoke and a couple of white strings that looked like PBO unbedded in the carbon spoke. The front wheel (700C) was only 300g and the rear wheel 500g. Where will they stop?