Monday, June 23, 2008

Bordeaux-Paris Race

Barbara Buatois has completed the Bordeaux to Paris Race (623Km- 4520m alt) in 21H51minutes on her Zockra mid racer. She improved her last performance done 2 years ago in a Velomobil Mango by 5H on a shorter and easier road.
Julius (Barbara's boyfriend) optimised the stops and that was a great help to save time. The lighter Zockra bike also allowed Barbara to follow the up-right in the hills.
She cycled in a group of up-right over the first 140Km (40Km/h most of the time) then she was solo almost all the way to the finish.
The weather was very hot and it rained only 3H.
Next adventure: RAAM?
She is seeking for a sponsorship to be the first female rider on a recumbent to complete the RAAM.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Tout simplement Génial:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


New pictures of the carbon Lowracer have been added further down the page.
The bike will be for sale soon so you can make an offer if you want it.

I am currently working with a friend of mine to produce more Custom carbon frame so watch out.

Monday, June 09, 2008

KIDAM 2008

The French Racing association AFB has one again co-organised a track event in Paris on the 24th of May 2008.
As the weather was not reliable, a few good riders were missing but we managed to complete every races on saturday (1000m and 200m flying start)and sunday (1H).

Laurent Deschenne on his new bike. As usual, no time to paint and weight does not help anyway!

Start of the 1H race.

Everybody on the track for a little devil race. At each lap, the last person must stop. That was a very interesting race has everyone had a different tactic to avoid the last place. Jéjon won the race by 1m over Barbara Buatois. The last few laps were fast (45Km/h +)

Gilles (nickname:CrocoGilles) on his experimental 'face down' prone bike. I tried it but it needs some serious training to ride over 35Km/h. I felt that the pedal were too far high and the angle between the leg and the chest was too open resulting in a lack of power. Gilles has built his own prism gogles.

Jean-Lou Desbarbieux on his new 2x700 bike. I tried it and it works very well. The bike is stable and easy for beginners. The classic handle bar is also a very good solution.

Anne Hasler on her beautiful M5 tica fitted with a massive Zipp wheel. She has been knock down by a car last winter and she was just recovering. She came to train with the girls and will be ready for the track championship on the 28th of June. 6 girls will compete.

Jean-lou and Celine won the 'slow race' on the cargo bike.

Dinner in town with the crazy french squad.

First race First podium

Congratulation to Barbara Buatois who managed to finish 3rd overall at the 2nd French National championship held in Chatellerault.
She completed the 79Km (600m alt) road race in 2h6min and 57s and she is just 6min behind the best male rider.
This is a tremendous achievement for such a little women.
She was riding her custom Zockra midracer which is originaly designed for long distance race.
She will now focus on Bordeaux-Paris race (21st June-619Km). Good luck to her.