Monday, September 17, 2007

Paris Brest Paris 2007

A the end of August, I completed my first Paris Brest Paris (1250Km non stop) in 80H 3min.
The weather was very bad and I got a lot of rain during the first 480Km. Roads are not flat but if you choose the right gear then it is not a big deal. (11000 climb).
My High racer recumbent (10.2Kg naked) was surprisingly fast up-hill compared to other recumbents.
I used liquid food 640 from OVERSTIM and MALTO+HIDRIXIR in a separate bottle. These products work very well with my body and I now think that they make a huge different after 600Km. Your legs never feel empty and your body gets the energy on time every 10min.
The recumbent was a real advantage in the last 400Km because we could ride faster than normal bikes and we had no saddle pain. I overtook more than 500 guys who struggle to find the right position on their bike.

I did this PBP to explore my limits and I found that my kees need attention ( more training, more cold protection or new position).
I will certainly do PBP again but with a target of 70H next time.
Next long race: Bordeaux-Paris 2008 -650Km - target 25H