Sunday, November 09, 2008

New carbon low racer

I completed my first Gentleman race yesterday and I finished 9th over 140 teams (of 2 riders) thanks to my powerfull mate Hervé Le Du. We complete the 27Km in 40min 07s and the road was not good for a recumbent.
Hervé was riding the white and red lowracer and I was riding the green bike. They are the same shape but different stiffness. We had no problem riding at 62 km/h on a slightly down hill part of the race and the bumps were not a problem. Hervé's slightly 'softer' frame was clearly dampering better the bad road.
The rear BORA wheel is stiff when inflated to 9 bars but it clearly does not like side wind.
The steering rake angle is now nearly good.
I plan to do a good testing session next week so I should publish more picture next week.
Very strange, after Red, then orange... we now have a green color... does that mean a Ok for production?